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About the game

Two Kids in a Trench Coat is a 2.5D co-op only game in which you and your friend play as two kids posing as an adult in a giant trench coat. Your goal? Go on dates, be an adult, and fall in love! You must complete a series of challenges from difficult adult conversations to eating food maturely to successfully woo your date and prove your adult-ness. If your two-kid situation is found out, its game over! 


  • Co-Op Only Gameplay
    • One of the only digital experiences which features an exclusively co-op campaign. Work with a friend to find love in the adult world!
  • Multiple Endings and Branching Dialogue
    • Replay this game up to four times to unlock all of the possible outcomes of your date!
  • Vibrant Stylized Art
    • Every asset in this experience has been hand-drawn! Enjoy beautiful original artwork with a memorable animated style.
  • A Meditation on the Modern World
    • In this game, consider what it truly means to be an adult as you eat steak and do your best to sound mature.

Team Credits

  • Lauren Goggins
    • Art, Design, Engineering
  • Lee Thibodeau
    • Engineering, Design, Sound Design, Art
  • Milo Smiley
    • Producer, Design, Engineering, Sound Design, Art


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